The award-winning wine of Santorini

'Table above sea for two. Greece, Santorini island' - Santorini
'Table above sea for two. Greece, Santorini island' Okssi / Shutterstock

The variety and high quality of the wine production of Santorini have earned the island a worldwide reputation. Santorini is home to the oldest vineyard in the world, a vineyard that dates back to the prehistoric times and is about 48km² long.

Some of the white wine varieties that are produced in Santorini are Asyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani, while some of the red wine varieties are Liatiko and Mantilaria. The Asyrtiko and Athiri varieties are also produced in Chalkidiki and other areas of North Greece, as well as in the Peloponnese. Liatiko and Mantilaria are produced by a Cretan type of grape that can be found in many areas of Crete and the island of Rhodes.

The most well-known wines of Santorini are Nychteri, a dry white wine that is based on the Asyrtiko variety, Vinsanto, a white or red sweet wine which was also used by the Orthodox Church of Russia for Eucharist, and Brusco, a red wine that is produced by the combination of both red and white grapes.

Guests can visit the wineries of Santorini and take a tour around the vineyards, the premises and the underground cellars.