The climate in Santorini

'The reflection of the beautiful clouds in the pool at sunset and the island ... Greece.' - Santorini
'The reflection of the beautiful clouds in the pool at sunset and the island ... Greece.' Natalia Dobryanskaya / Shutterstock

The island of Santorini has an average Mediterranean climate with mild winter and cool summer season and so many sun-filled days that will make your holidays an unforgettable experience. Cool evening breezes are always there but how can this be an obstacle to the most amazing hot summer days filled with swimming and tanning? Santorini is part of the Cyclades group of Aegean islands and the island’s ideal weather conditions make this one of the world’s top holiday destinations!Especially if you are visiting Santorini island during the hot summer months be prepared to bring all your summer clothes and sandals you will not be using your trousers here!

The climate in Santorini is quite similar to the Bay Area in California, mildly hot during the day, cooler at night. During the summer temperature varies between 25- 35 degrees with the hottest days of the summer reaching up to 40 degrees. So when you are visiting the island be sure to bring along apart from your summer clothes and swim suites something to put on during the night. During hot summer months, the weather in Santorini is hot and dry but if you are visiting the island from January to March, the temperatures are between 12 degrees and 13 degrees. In April and May, the temperature might reach up to 17 degrees to 19 degrees. The hot summer months from June to September (yes it is considered to be among the summer months because of its high temperatures) the weather is hot and the temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius but remember the temperature falls after sunset.

During October you will find that the island’s weather is still hot but the months that follow which are November and December, the temperature begins to fall and does not exceed 13-14 degrees which means that the summer is almost over. Of course during January and February you will see the temperature dropping compared to the busy hot summer months, but who cares? The summer lasts more or less six whole months!