The Archaeological Museum of Santorini

'walls from Santorini' - Santorini
'walls from Santorini' - Attribution: Pierre Metivier

The Archaeological Museum of Thera is located in the island's capital city, Fira, and it is the place where visitors can discover more about the rich history of the island. The building in which the museum is housed today was built in 1960 in order to replace the previous one that collapsed in an earthquake in 1956.

In the museum, you can find collections of sculptures from the Archaic up to the Roman period, as well as ceramics from the Geometric up to the Hellenistic period.

The museum is open daily apart from Tuesdays.

Opening times: 8:30 - 15:30

Ticket price:
Full: €3, Reduced: €2
A ticket package is also available for the price of €15 and it lasts for 3 days.

Telephone: +30 22860 22217